Kimberly Jaramillo

"Melodica Voz"

Kimberly Jaramillo, known as "La Voz de Angel," has been immersed in music her entire life, thanks to her father, Jose Jaramillo, who is a seasoned musician and has been part of a band for as long as she can recall. She began taking singing lessons at age seven and has since performed at countless events, including music recitals, weddings, and quinceañeras. Kimberly is a gifted singer who excels in both Bel Canto and contemporary pop techniques. Her favorite genres are Latino pop and Mariachi music, which she performs with a passion that captivates audiences of all ages. Her exceptional talent has earned her a significant following on social media, where she regularly shares her performances of songs while playing the piano or guitar. Kimberly is a role model to countless aspiring young singers because of her unwavering commitment to music and her remarkable voice.